Friday, June 29, 2012

Apart and A Part are not the same thing

The English Language is confusing. But people make it more so. Or maybe it is language that makes people confusing. It could be both.

People thinking that a part and apart are interchangeable has been driving me nuts. It isn't like "a lot" which, if you smush it together "alot" is incorrect... but still readable. Just wrong. However, the "apart", "a part" phenomenon adds a whole 'nother level of wrong. Consider:

"I love being apart of you guys!"
Um, you like being part of us, or are you just messing with me? Like one of those nasty-nice kind of comments?

"My hand is apart of my arm!"
Yeah, you should see a doctor about that. And an English teacher.

Here is a simple way to remember it: If the two words are apart, that means it isn't. That is to say, when you use the two words, with a space, it is telling people you are connected. A part of something. But when it is one word, connected, it means that something is divided.

See, isn't that easy? Makes total sense. Right? Um... right??

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