Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Craft Wars - Episode 2 "Crafting's a Beach"

In this episode of Craft Wars, Tori Spelling along with judges Erica Domesek (P.S. I Made This), Stephen Brown (Glitterville Studios) and Jo Pearson (Michaels Crafts) watch three crafty contestants make the most out of surprise materials... and the Michaels Craft Closet. Which is downright amazing. You can see the whole craft closet on their website (scroll down to find the picture).

Mandi Gubler, Kevin Chartier, and Michaela Crex are the Craft Wars competitors for Episode 2. I was excited that in the introductions we got to hear that Mandi is a blogger - yay for craft bloggers!

 I really noticed the crafty "uniforms" that some of the teams put together. Though I love the crafty fun behind Michaela and her assistant's beaded shirts, I'm not sure that it is a route I would have gone. When running from one area to the next to work on my projects, I think I would have been stressed about one of those beaded strings hitting me in the boob!

The Craft Wars Pop Craft for this round required crafters to convert the contents of a junk drawer into a birdhouse, with one hour to do it. The only competitor that managed to convert the items from trash to treasure was Kevin. Though as a foam-core treasure, it wasn't built to last.
Surprisingly, the judges seemed very stuck on the birdhouses, built in just an hour, needing to be functional. I have made many birdhouses, and can't remember a single bird that ever called one home.
Despite their insistance on the functionality of the birdhouses, Mandi was dismissed after the first round. Her birdhouse was the only truly fuctional house of the three... but suffered from aesthetic issues.

After the 3 Craft Wars competitors where whittled down to two, it was time for the Main Event. The 5-hour challenge was to make patio furniture from beach items - boogie boards, surf boards, beach balls, swimshorts, wetsuits, beach toys and more. Both competitors knocked my socks off with their ideas, their designs, and their finished products. With the help of their crafty assistants, they whipped together bars, lounge furniture, tables, and more with a relaxing day at the beach in mind.

In the end, there could be only one winner. I was dissapointed that the judges felt Michaela's rope accents screamed "western", though I thought the rope was nautical. Judge Stephen clearly didn't agree:
Shows what he knows... I have neither a ship NOR a pony!

In the end, Kevin's creations were truly inspired crafting, and made him $10,000 richer. He has an idea of what he'll be spending it on, too!

Join me next Tuesday for more Craft Wars, and make sure to hop on twitter. Follow the hashtag #CraftWars, there was some laugh out loud tweeting going on during this episode, if you can get past the tweets of those who think they have what it takes... or feel inspired to comment on Tori's choice of lipstick.

On a side note, the tension between judges Stephen and Erica was a little less apparent in this episode than the last... but they may be having a true glitter-will-fly throwdown in the weeks to come...

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