Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't Hate Stupid People...

This very wise piece of advice was given to me by my Uncle. And in his line of work he met a lot of stupid people...

mad at stupid people

Since he shared this gem with me over a decade ago, I have applied it to bosses, college professors, moms in the McDonald's play area, blog commenters who think they're snarky but are just plain mean, and craft-store employees who don't know the layout of their own store. To name a few. I could probably start an entire blog dedicated to my pity of stupid people. But not this one. This one is dedicated to all my crafty peeps who like a little bit of snark in their lives...


  1. Thank You!
    But still, there's too many of them and it is so difficult for smart and wise people to live among all those stupid people - they persistently have to demonstrate the surrounding fools obvious and common things, moreover, despite the fact that those morons do not know and do not understand common things, they have very high self-esteem and they truly believe that they are wiser and smarter than all the other people. Whatta hell?! Unbelievable and unbearable!


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