Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello readers, where have YOU been?

Allison from House of Hepworths recently posted Haters Gonna Hate, to tell her loyal readers that she's been enjoying time with her children while they are out of school over the summer, and that is why she's been posting less. She felt compelled to do so after a couple nasty readers commented on her lack of posting.

I want to ask those readers - where are YOU!? You expect bloggers like Allison to post content daily for your amusement, but where have you been?
All summer, stats have been down for many blogs. Are you neglecting to take your laptop with you on vacation?
Comments are down across the board. Do you choose to run through the sprinklers with your kids over leaving loving comments?
Why do you not share my post on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest within moments of it being published? Why do you not reply to each tweet and like each Facebook status? Is it because you have a life? And this kind of dedication from a virtual stranger shouldn't be expected?

Yes. I thought so.

This is not to say that everyone shouldn't take a little time away from the computer if they want. Or a lot of time away from the computer. Each of us is accountable to ourselves, our families, and our spiritual higher power. Should we bind ourselves to anonymous masses on the other side of a computer screen as well?

A final word of advice. If you really want control over how often your favorite blog is published, start your own.

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