Friday, August 24, 2012

Lottery Winnings and other income via e-mail

I get at least one e-mail a day telling me that I've won some foreign lottery, that a stranger has left a large sum of money to me in their will, or that a widow on her deathbed has heard from a friend that I'm a trustworthy person who can help her money find its way to a worthy charity.

One day I might respond to one of these e-mails. Sure, it seems highly implausible that any of these are legit because someone with millions at their disposal should also have access to a grammar check of some kind. And the FBI, Foreign Lottery Commission, and Law firms with wealthy clientele probably doesn't use a hotmail account for business matters (c'mon... gmail is so much more professional looking).

And yet, one day I might respond. If I do, and if the offer is valid, you'll never hear from me again... unless of course you respond to the Nigerian Prince, and we both end up on the same sandy beach drinking Pina Coladas.

In which case, cheers. And pass the sunscreen...

PS - Did you know that spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "hotmail" as having a valid spelling?
PPS - No surprise, because it doesn't recognize "spellcheck" as a valid word either.

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