Monday, August 13, 2012

Spam can be Beautiful

I was cleaning out the Spam comments folder over at my crafting blog, and discovered this utterly confusing text:

Often, when I encounter spam, it doesn't make sense because someone improperly translated it. But there is at least an attempt at structure. One of the most glorious spam comments I have ever seen was left for a friend of mine - a string of over one hundred of the most profane and caustic words and phrases in the English language all neatly alphabetized. Whatever phrase just came into your mind - it was on the list. And so was that one.

This string of words left on my post "Always Kiss Me Goodnight Text Pillow" completely baffled me.

So I did what any crafter would do when confronted with the baffling. I made it pretty.

Now it is colorful and beautiful word poetry. Made from a spammy comment.
The ultimate upcycling craft.
I win.

Oh, and my beautiful friend Katie from Sweet Rose Studio is totally going to cross-stitch this on a pillow for me. When she has time. Someday. Maybe.

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