Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Craft Blogger Edition

For crafters, dressing up often means we'll spill paint on our favorite clothes. So wearing our best clothes isn't a good idea. It can also mean more laundry, which means less crafting time. For craft bloggers who are not filming something to go up on YouTube, there is really no reason to wear anything other than sweats. And don't we get more creative when we are comfortable?

I asked some of my craft blogging buddies to share pictures of their crafting and blogging attire, and here they are - What I Wore Wednesday - Craft Blogger Edition.

Craft bloggers have to get their creative juices flowing early - one way to do this is with coffee. But the true creative blogger can't be satisfied with a standard cup. If it isn't decorated within an inch of it's life (check out the sharpie marker mug trend on Pinterest), it must be GIANT. And a hat will not only keep bed-head in check, it also keeps hair from getting into the paint.

Taking full advantage of the mom-bun and sexy-tousled-hair looks, this craft blogger has created a mash-up hairstyle that will not catch on anywhere. With baggy, over-sized sweatpants and a stained shirt, it is a sure thing that she won't be ruining her favorite clothes today with paint splatters. Though she's tried to dress up her look with a little Tori Spelling bling, the whole ensemble isn't even fit for a "What Not to Wear" episode.

Craft bloggers are notorious for upcycling, recycling, and refashioning. This blogger took all three to heart when she wore the old gym shorts from one of her children. A child growing out of their clothes or moving on to a new school, makes these the perfect gear for a glue-gun wielding craftonista.

Craft bloggers like to run in packs whenever possible. In part to blend in with other fashion casualties, and in part because if someone is wearing something worse, we won't stand out as much. This is true of these ladies who took their fashion train wreck into their front yard. You barely notice what the gal on the right is wearing, and her not-exactly-designer safety glasses look tame compared to her counterpart's apron. Hey- neon is "on trend" right now... right??

These are real crafters in their real wardrobes. If you'd like to see the very real craft spaces they create in, check out this post on Crafterminds about Craft Spaces.

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  1. HAHAHA. I wear the exact same thing! This is craft blogging comedy gold! :)

  2. Holy funny post! Thanks Carolina.

  3. Love this post! This is like the alternate world version of the Where Women Create magazine...where everything is in its place, and the crafters are dressed up, hair coiffed, makeup organized. ;) Love it!


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