Saturday, October 27, 2012

Craft Bloggers Have Perfect Lives

I'm going to tell you the truth. Craft Bloggers have perfect lives.

You may have seen some of my peers making messes of their homes just to take photographs to post on their blogs to make you feel better. You might even see them subtly sneak a messy background into their photos, or pretend they have no clue what they are making for dinner, even though it is already 5pm. All of this is an illusion. I'm here to tell you the truth.

We craft bloggers are perfect. We wake up at 6am every day, after a full 8 hours of sleep. Our beautiful and well behaved children get dressed, and sit down to a healthy breakfast, completely made from scratch. We spend our day making craft projects, cleaning our already sparkling homes, and responding lovingly to all the thoughtful comments left on our latest blog posts. At least twice during the day, we exchange sweet, thoughtful, and romantic text messages with our husbands

As Craft Bloggers, our lives are perfect in every way. We eat organic. Three meals a day are freshly prepared for our children (and two snacks). We couldn't tell you where the nearest drive-through is because we never eat fast food. We only eat out on our anniversary when our husbands take us to high-priced restaurants to celebrate another year of Stepford married bliss. Our children have lunchbox meals that are the envy of the entire cafeteria. And if there are Twinkies in their lunchbox - they are Twinkies we have made from scratch.

Laundry is not a chore. It is a pleasure we perform daily for our family. We lovingly wash, fold, and put away each article of clothing. We hand-stitch a full wardrobe for every member of our family each season. Including underwear.

A craft blogger's pantry is filled with healthy, delicious treats. We are always just 5 seconds away from a perfectly frosted cupcake. If the internet allowed you to smell through our blogs, you would get alternating wafts of freshly baked bread, chocolate cake, mmm... what is that we're making for dinner?

Holidays at our houses put Martha Stewart Living and Home and Garden to shame. Trick or Treaters stop by our homes first. Extended families make sure they are invited for the perfect tukey and football combo. I can't find the words to adequately describe Christmas. Multiple trees, mantles, doors and banisters decorated beautifully, tastefully, and fashionably. On Christmas morning, all of our children get the perfect number of gifts, exactly what they wanted, and show the exact right amount of appreciation.

This is the life of a craft blogger. It is perfect. That is why we chose to become craft bloggers. So the rest of the internet could be jealous of our lifestyles. And pin photos of our livingrooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, children's bedrooms, dinners, deserts, children's lunches, and holiday ideas to their Pinterest boards.

Now you know the truth. You're welcome.

ps. We all make an amazing living blogging, too... with almost no work at all.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Awesome is Contagious

Today, someone was mean to a member of my tribe. An awesome, amazing person I haven't been able to meet in person - yet. But when I do, I want to give her a hug. Because she is awesome. And I'm hoping that some of the awesomeness will rub off on me. We can all use more awesome.

Be good to each other - and remind someone of their awesomeness.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Like Me On Facebook Because...

If you've been on Facebook lately, you've probably seen some strange requests from brands. Some are asking you to like a specific post to verify you can see it. Others are asking you to add them to a specific list. There are changes going on at Facebook again. And people will keep complaining about it... until next week, when more changes will undoubtedly be revealed.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanks for the Pageviews, Troll.

Every time someone leaves you a nasty comment, you can thank them for the pageviews.
And if a troll decides to take their venom onto social media, dragging all their bridge-dwelling buddies back to your blog for comments, that is money in the bank.

Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY it Your Own Damn Self!

In the last six months I have been asked countless times if I, or a craft blogger I know, will create content for a non-crafting site. Bloggers of all kinds have seen the power of having craft tutorial blog posts. Craft tutorials are evergreen content that provide pageviews for years. Readers, even those who don't define themselves as "crafty", love reading craft posts. And with the rise of Pinterest, a great craft or recipe can yield thousands (or tens of thousands) of pageviews.

I blame myself for not educating my fellow bloggers. I love all my blogging friends. The mom bloggers. The family bloggers. The fashion and frugal bloggers. The travel bloggers. The lifestyle bloggers. The uncategorized bloggers. When one asks me if I'll create content for their site, I don't know how to respond. So though the following will be snarky, please know that it is snark filled with love.

I know that other bloggers don't understand what they are asking. Because they don't know what goes into a tutorial post. The hours of creating, photoediting, and writing. The materials that are consumed when a DIY blogger creates a project. And they don't realize what they are taking away. Because if I create a project that goes viral on your site - those are pageviews I will never get. Readers who won't see everything else I have to offer.

My blogging friends mean well. They want to give me exposure to a new audience. But my creations are my children. I want to play nice - but I'm not always willing to share things that have flowed directly from my soul.

Even if a regular crafts feature on your blog is a win for me and increased your page views - does it make sense for your regular readers? Don't your readers come to you to read what YOU have to say? Shouldn't a "Do it Yourself" post on your blog be something you did... yourself?

I'm not saying that no craft blogger will ever share creations with another blogger. I have done it. I'm sure I will do it again. I'm asking that you be conscious of what it is that you are really asking for. Would you ask a food blogger to go through the trial-and-error process of creating a recipe, writing up that finished recipe, stage and shoot a mouth watering photo, and then allow you to have rights to that content?

Isn't that what you are asking your craft friends to do?