Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crafter's Confession - That Thrift Store Smell

Yes. I said it. That musty-sweet thrift store smell makes me sick to my stomach. It smells like a combination of old things releasing generations of dust, cleaning fluid, and sweaty palms looking for bargains. Just thinking about it makes me want to wash my hands.

Having a passion for crafting doesn't mean I want to dig through your garage-sale rejects that barely qualified as tax deductions. I have no interest in paying $125 for a dresser that lived in a smoke-filled apartment for the last 30 years just to spend a small fortune on chalk paint, and give up a week of my life to re-hab it to look like the identical $149 catalog version.

When I was in high school I loved digging through rack after rack at the thrift shop, trying on different clothes with my friends. We were searching for the perfect vintage clothes to refashion into stylish additions to our wardrobes. Now that I spend my time in sweatpants and mom jeans, I've lost the desire to hunt.

Thrift stores just don't do it for me. Don't be too shocked. I've already admitted my distaste for glitter.

And no, I won't tell you what the other 92 confessions are.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Craft Definition: Duplicrap


Bloggers love Pinterest traffic. So much so that some bloggers copy content from other bloggers just so that they can get the Pinterest traffic. We agree that copying-and-pasting is wrong, so some bloggers try to hide in a grey area - duplicrapping.

They re-create another blogger's post. Taking new pictures and altering text or tutorials to make it "their own."

These duplicrappers are inspired by someone else, and create a spin-off based on the inspiration piece.

They do not follow a pattern or tutorial, share a picture of their finished project, share their thoughts, and then link back to the original pattern or tutorial.

These are bloggers who have run out of originality, and troll Pinterest for their next great idea.

Before you get up-in-arms that other bloggers are duplicrapping your work, know that not every instance of similar posts is duplicrap. It IS possible for two bloggers to be similarly inspired. And let's face it - you are not the first person to think of adding glitter to a pillar candle.

But when one blog shares images and a full set of step-out instructions (or creates a pinnable graphic based on the work of another), then links back to the "original" tutorial, that isn't creating content. That's duplicrap.

Monday, March 4, 2013

When you marry a crafter...

My husband and I dated for over 5 years before getting engaged, so I'm pretty sure that he knew what he was getting into when marrying me. Especially because during those 5 years, he helped me move 4 different times, and saw all the STUFF that a crafter accumulates.