Monday, August 19, 2013

Craftsnark Definition of Love

Each of us defines Love in our own way. When you first fall in Love, you might define Love as those butterflies that you feel in your stomach. As you settle into Love, your definition might take on a little more familiarity - the way you hold hands, know your partner's preferences, love to spend time with one another...

As your Love deepens through the years, it can take on many different definitions. Here is the CraftSnark's definition of true love, after nearly a dozen years with the love of my life...

I'd love to hear how my fellow crafters define Love! Share your Love notes in the comments...


  1. When your hubby goes dumpster diving for that 200 dollar paper trimmer some ding-dong threw in the recycle bin because he knew I'd want it. Yeah, mine's cool like that. : )

  2. My husband and I are coming up for our 22nd wedding anniversary this December. As we've aged together (we were high school sweethearts) he's lost the hair on his head only to find it growing on his back! He calls it follicular gravitational migration. Anyway, every now and again he asks me to shave his back for him. Of course, I do it with the caveat that if I'm ever in a coma he will pluck my chin and eyebrows every day. Now that's true love!


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