Friday, August 29, 2014

You Inspire Me

Hey Crafters. You inspire me. You inspire me to be snarky. To have something to say. To go out and craft myself. To find new way ways to create. And maybe, just maybe, inspire you a little bit as well. This week, I've tried to share with you some creative studs. You can find DIY projects made with studs over on 30 Minute Crafts. And here there have been lots of sexy boyfriends... hopefully they've helped get your juices flowing. Pick up a glue stick, some scissors, and whatever you can find in the recycling bin to create something simple. Head out to the craft store with nothing at all in mind - or maybe a grand project idea. See it through to the end, change your mind a dozen times, or toss it aside half finished. They joy of crafting is in the journey.

I hope your journey is an inspired one.

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