Monday, May 9, 2016

I am not the internet police

I try to fit about 3,476 hours of stuff into each day. Some days I make it all happen. Barely. But even if I had only 6 things to do a day, I would not add "internet police" to my list of things to do. But some people want me to police the internet. They think it is okay to snag images and content that my creative friends and I create, and post it on their own channels without attribution. And they feel good about themselves when they add a disclaimer that if we find one of our images on their site, their instagram, wherever, that we should send them a note so that they can credit us.


Just No.

I spend my days creating cool stuff that I share for free on the internet. You spend your day finding cool stuff that other people made, and posting it to your social media. Your job is pretty easy... just add on the part where you find the source of the content, and credit them. A quick image search on Google will work most of the time. And if you can't easily find the source, it doesn't become a "finders keepers" situation where you get to appropriate it for your own uses. No source = no go. And there are some people who want you to ask before you use their content... which is totally valid!

Making me, and all my crafty friends, come after every person who uses our content without attribution would mean we no longr would have time to CREATE the cool content. Which means that these appropriators would have to actually create their own cool stuff. Or try to. Because it isn't easy. It takes supplies, and skills, and time. And a whole lot of creativity.

Stealing content = sucking the creativity off the internet.

Don't ask me to be the internet police. I already have a gig.

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