Saturday, July 2, 2016

Coupons at the Craft Store

I'm a huge fan of saving money on craft supplies. Because every penny I save buying craft supplies leaves me with money to buy more craft supplies. And I think that most crafters feel the same. Which is why I don't mind waiting behind a couple people in line at the craft store. It gives me time to go through the crumpled-up receipts at the bottom of my bag to find a current coupon, lets me go through the e-mails on my phone to see if any of this week's deals apply to the items that I can't go home without, and gives me a chance to check the website to see if there are any deals that mean I should get out of line to go fill up the cart some more.

And sometimes, the coupons justify grabbing one of the expensive chocolate bars at the register. Almost. Which leads me to the question, why don't they ever offer coupons on the chocolate? Wouldn't the stores make more money if we paid full price on the craft supplies while picking up discount chocolate? Or maybe craft stores are really chocolate stores getting us to pay full price for their products by offering coupons on craft supplies? Interesting business model...

I also want to give a nod to my friend Jenny from Craft Test Dummies for inspiring today's graphic - she hopped onto Periscope after having a commenter on this post admonish her for recommending using coupons at big box stores. Sorry, lady... you're going to have trouble prying the coupons out of this snarky crafter's glue-covered hands...

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