Thursday, October 27, 2016

Time Management

If you've managed to shower, put on clean clothes, and cook at least one meal all on the same day, someone has probably asked you "How do you do it all?"

Because, from the outside looking in, other people look amazingly productive. We see them making costumes from scratch - but we don't see that they haven't showered in two days, and their children are eating cereal for a fifth consecutive meal. We can't do all the things.

When attempting to do all the things, I prioritize. Things get set up in order of deadline. Which means that 99% of the work on a project happens right at the deadline. That is when the project finally gets some attention. It isn't procrastination - it is prioritization. And in case you missed it, that last sentence was rationalization.

It cracks me up when people are impressed with my time management skills. When they praise how much I manage to get done. It is nice to know that most people don't see all the things that end up falling through the cracks...

People compliment me all the time on my time management skills. They're impressed by how much I get done at the last minute.