Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Life is like Underwear

A friend of mine compared life to underwear the other day in an online conversation (do I have to say "online conversation" isn't that mostly redundant in this day & age?). She said that life is like underwear... change is good. And I agree. But after a little thought, I discovered that there are MANY ways that life and underwear are similar. Both are good to hang on to. Both are most interesting when they get a little dirty... here are a whole host of ways that life and underwear are the same!

Life is like underwear ... change is good ... sometimes it gets a little crappy ... your stop trying to impress people after a while ... we could all use some support ... some of us need our butt covered more than others ... you don't bare it all to strangers (unless you're drunk!!) ... style isn't required, but it sure makes it more fun!

How does your life compare to your underwear?